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Ward 9 Issues

Better Transportation

Bryan's priorities in terms of transportation issues include focusing on:

  • Improved winter road maintenance and repair
  • Road resurfacing
  • Effective snow removal policy
  • Road maintenance
  • Road widening
  • Improved transit service
  • Expanded LRT – W-SE-NW
  • Reduce traffic congestion
  • Increase public transportation usage
  • Deal with growth demands in a timely fashion

A Safer City

Bryan believes in the "looking out for each other" approach of Safedmonton and the notion that citizens are fundamental to improving and sustaining the quality of life for all Edmontonians. His priorities in terms of safety issues include focusing on:

  • Finance and support the redeployment plans of the Edmonton Police Service
  • Support an improved focus on community policing

Improved Recreation

Thanks to a strong tradition of investment, Edmonton is served by a broad range of public recreation, leisure and cultural facilities. Hockey rinks, pools, gymnasia, golf courses, and recreation centres give us places to gather, relax, build healthy bodies and enjoy leisure pursuits—places that offers a range of opportunities that fit well into today’s lifestyle and bring people together to enhance a sense of community.

In this regard, Bryan supports:

  • The development of three new artificial fields
  • A covered Velodrome and triathalon facility at Coronation Park
  • Multi-purpose rec. centres in N. central, SE, NE, and West Edmonton
  • Continued development of the multi field tournament site at Ellerslie and 50 street


Quality Of Life

Bryan believes that in this era of prosperity, we need to remain focused on these key "quality of life" areas, within our ward, and within the City:

Value For Tax Dollars

Keeping pace with Edmonton's rapid growth requires planning, innovation and providing value for your municipal taxes. Bryan believes that:

  • Citizens need to feel good about how their tax dollars are spent
  • Performance measures should be established for all City departments
  • The City needs to increase its capacity to deal with public and private staff shortages

You can learn more by reviewing a 2011 comparison of how Edmonton has stacked up against other municipalities with regards to taxes and utilities in this publication or in the 2011 Residential Property Taxes and Utility Charges Survey.