Question & Answer

Bryan Anderson speaks passionately about what he believes makes a good representative, including the commitment to being as informed as possible on all issues and agendas, and his firm principle of treating all citizens with respect and understanding.

Bryan Anderson begins with some particular things he’s proud of, including his dedication to replying promptly to inquiries from the public, and his championing of sports and recreation initiatives. He also details some community efforts he has been involved in.

A new community, Blatchford, will be developed on the location of the previous downtown airport, and Bryan Anderson explains the rationale behind the decision, as well as the numerous advantages to our City and citizens.

Bryan Anderson details his reasons behind his support of the new downtown arena, including NHL-sustainability and revitalization for the downtown core.

Issues such as the downtown arena, the City Centre Airport, the Jasper area revitalization, a recreation centre near Ross Sheppard High School, and tax dollars are discussed by Bryan Anderson regarding what he hopes to see during the next council term.

A little bit of Edmonton’s topography is explained, providing several reasons why Edmonton in particular suffers so much road damage. Bryan Anderson also relates a recent development regarding research into solutions for this well-known issue.

Bryan Anderson walks through the latest progress regarding the possible downtown CRL, including the determination of boundaries, the new developments being planned for that area, and various revenue scenarios.

Bryan Anderson explains the breakdown of what the arena costs, which portions are being paid by which parties, and the benefits to the City of Edmonton.