The Way Ahead

The 2007-2013 City Council terms have been full of forward thinking activities. An extensive visioning process resulted in a document called "The Way Ahead" that describes what Edmonton may look like in 2040. It contains a 10 year strategic plan that lays out goals and policy that will move the vision forward. The six goals have spawned plans that direct the administration in every facet of Edmonton’s operations. This work has created a blue print for the development of our City over the next 30 years. Bryan is proud to have been a part of these Councils and this very critical planning process.

Goals and Plans

The 10-year strategic plans for each area are shown below with a link to the document and the City of Edmonton website for more information.

  1. Preserve and sustain Edmonton’s environment ( The Way we Green ) City of Edmonton
  2. Transform Edmonton's urban form - Municipal development plan (The Way We Grow) City of Edmonton
  3. Shift Edmonton's transportation modes - The transportation master plan (The Way We Move) City of Edmonton
  4. Improve Edmonton's livability - The people plan (The Way We Live) City of Edmonton
  5. Ensure Edmonton's financial sustainability (The Way We Finance) City of Edmonton
  6. Diversify Edmonton's economy (The Way We Prosper) City of Edmonton

In addition, Bryan has focused on a number of strategies designed to improve Edmonton’s sport and recreation opportunities. The end result of recreation activity and exercise is a healthier Edmonton and the huge societal benefits that accompany a more fit population.