Thank You Ward 9

Thank you all very much for all the support you gave me on October 21st, 2013. I am committed to giving you answers to your questions, providing you with the information you request, and effectively dealing with any problems you have.

Gratefully yours, 
Bryan Anderson

Bryan's Byline

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Bryan's Byline

Visit the City of Edmonton's election page to get up to date information on who is running in your ward and where to vote.....

A credible candidate will have solutions for problems and suggestions for new ways of doing things that will improve our City.

Candidate forums are the best way to get out and hear all the candidates at the same time.  SWAC is hosting a ward 9 forum on September 13 from 7-9 pm at Southpointe community church...please read on for more information. Click HERE

Your Ward 9 Councillor

A long-time teacher and athletic coach, and Edmonton city councillor since 1988, Bryan Anderson represents his ward with experience.

Current Issues

Find out about important issues affecting both the City of Edmonton as well as Ward 9. Get informed and get involved.

The Way Ahead

The recent city council terms have been full of forward thinking, resulting in a document called "The Way Ahead" that includes a 10 year plan.

Get in Touch

Bryan's office is your source for accurate information and prompt answers. If you need to get in contact, please don't hesitate.