Building a Healthy Edmonton - One Step at a Time

In the last 5 budgets, City Council has made a significant investment in sport & recreation facilities. Coupled with our wonderful river valley and hundreds of kilometers of multi-use trails, Edmonton offers its residents the opportunity to partake in year round exercise, both indoors and out.

The benefits of exercise are cumulative. 10 minutes gardening, 20 minutes walking the dog and 15 minutes throwing a ball with your kids or grandkids all add up to a healthier you.

Stress and inactivity are the twin hallmarks of modern life. They are undermining our health.

Read more about Edmonton's River Valley Alliance Projects here.

Read more about CHANGEALBERTA- Integrating Nutrition and Exercise Into Primary Care.

Recent studies have shown that even moderate amounts of exercise, like walking briskly for 30 minutes each day, can provide significant health benefits for most people.
— Kenneth Cooper, MD, MPH

How To Get Started

The local resources provide information on the many benefits of exercise, and links to the websites of the many walking, jogging, kayaking, rowing and biking clubs in our city.

Exercise at home by yourself, with a friend or join a club and meet new people who are activity oriented. You will be a less stressed, more alert, healthier, and happier resident of our wonderful city.

Active Living: Every Day

This is a great book that shows you how to overcome the barriers to being physically active. Active Living Every Day is a self-paced course that uses checklists, charts, four-color illustrations, and photos to make the information clear and easy for you to use anytime, anywhere.