Please Note the Terwillegar off-leash area will be closed overnight...

Field scabious is a noxious weed, and there is an abundance of the spiky purple flowers in the park. Field scabious creates a mat that chokes out other plants, reducing  biodiversity and harming the ecosystem. Because the weed travels easily on shoes and dog fur, it is crucial that this growth be controlled before it spreads to other parts of the river valley.


A product called Clearview will be applied to the weeds. It is safe for people and animals as soon as it dries. In the days following application, park users will notice that the bloom of purple flowers will die off. Plants may become brown or black.


Noxious weeds are identified by the Government of Alberta. Provincial regulation requires the City to control noxious weeds growth and prevent spread. In 2015, City Council approved a herbicide ban with exceptions, one of which is the use of herbicide to control noxious weeds. Herbicide is used on a very small percentage of Edmonton parkland.


In case of inclement weather on July 10, the closure will happen from 9 p.m. on July 12 to 9 a.m. on July 13. Visit for the most current information.