Street sweeping completed on-time.......

June 1, 2017  

Spring sweeping is a massive coordinated effort involving City employees from several different operational areas, who work together to ensure streets are clear of the sand and debris that accumulated during the winter months. 

“Edmontonians embrace every season, especially summer, and clean streets help us enjoy our City,” said Eduardo Sosa, Director of Roadway Maintenance. “Although the snow interrupted spring sweeping operations, we were able to finish on time thanks to the hard work of our crews.” 

This year, the City piloted a new online tool to help Edmontonians track spring sweeping progress. The map at was introduced in early May, and allowed citizens to see which streets had been swept and those that would be swept within seven days. Edmontonians appear to have found the map useful; since the map was added, the number of visits to the street sweeping page jumped to 7,000, more than double the visits during the same period in 2016. 

In addition to the annual spring clean, the City will regularly sweep streets throughout the summer in high traffic and pedestrian areas to ensure residents can enjoy the warm temperatures with clean roads, sidewalks and paths.