Have you heard about the plans for the Terwillegar Heights District Park?


The City has over 900 parks. The priorities for renewal of existing park master plans / site development plans are based on the City’s risk-based infrastructure management system that considers physical condition, functionality and demand capacity of assets. The current priorities for park master plan includes 4 district and city-wide parks and 3 river valley parks which will then be brought forward for consideration to City Council for funding the design and build in the 2019-2022 capital budget. The Terwillegar Heights District Park site development plan is considered a current up-to-date plan in the context of City park planning priorities and would not be considered a priority or even necessary for a new site development plan at this time.

As part of the City’s public engagement policy, when new amenities or significant upgrades to a park or recreation facility are being considered by the City and/or partners, the City requires public engagement to support the development process. Terwillegar Artificial Turf project has completed its first phase of public engagement. A public open house at Terwillegar Recreation Centre was held on February 23, 2017 and meetings with stakeholder groups have been held including the Public and Catholic school boards, representatives from on-site schools, geographically based community groups, sport user groups and umbrella sport organizations. The consultation has focused on identifying future users of the site, confirming their program requirements and exploring potential partnerships at the site. 

The next phase of public engagement will include a general public open house and continued outreach to stakeholder groups to further confirm program needs and obtain feedback on concept options. As we move into conceptual design program requirements and partnerships will be further solidified. The potential partners, site and community stakeholders and the general public will be consulted for programming needs and feedback on concept options.

The planned service level for the Terwillegar Heights Artificial Turf project does not include dedicated meeting space or lease/license space for user groups such as storage areas. As per the Enhancing Community Facility Services through Partnership policy C187A, the City will seek out and encourage partnerships where community expectations extend beyond City of Edmonton planned service levels based on City Council approved Plans. As such community groups have been invited to consider partnering at the Terwillegar Heights Artificial Turf location if they have an identified need for an amenity that is beyond the service levels such as meeting space or lease/licenses space.  This model includes partners contributing to both capital and operating costs.

The City is developing a visionary 20-year strategy to direct development for both new and existing recreation facilities, the new plan will build on the success of the Council approved 2005 - 2015 Recreation Facility Master Plan. Over the past 10-year period, this plan has informed decisions around investing in new development including Terwillegar Community Recreation Centre and Park, which has greatly enhanced Edmonton’s recreation infrastructure. This new plan will address all quadrants of the city and involve citizens, community groups and sport and recreation associations. There will be multiple opportunities to get involved to sign up to receive updates and invitations to get involved please go to https://www.edmonton.ca/projects_plans/parks_recreation/rec-facility-master-plan.aspx