My formal announcement that I will not be running again in the upcoming Municipal Election.

I ran for Council for several reasons.

-I wanted to be part of the decision-making process.
-I wanted to get the City back into the business of investing in sport and recreation.

-I wanted the City to consider installing artificial playing fields. 
-I wanted to be the best possible example of a helpful, responsive politician.

  • I am proud of the fact that I have managed the sport and recreation initiative for twelve years with a mission statement “to improve the quality and quantity of sport and recreation infrastructure and opportunities for Edmontonians” which has seen well over a billion dollars invested in sport, recreation, and library infrastructure.
  • Early in my time on Council I was part of a 7-6 vote to retain EPCOR as a wholly owned City Utility, successfully lobbied for the new Riverbend library and the fire/ambulance station on Terwillegar Drive. In the next several terms notable accomplishments were the funding and completion of the 23 Avenue/Calgary Trail interchange, a new push for LRT with the funding and completion of the SLRT, installation of artificial turf at Clarke Park and the signing of an agreement between the City, Provincial, and Federal Governments, and the University of Alberta to fund and construct the ‘one of a kind’ GO Centre at the Saville Community Sports Centre on the University of Alberta’s South Campus which opened in 2011.
  • The ground breaking for the Terwillegar Community Recreation Centre (TCRC), June 27, 2008, kicked off a flurry of district Rec Centre construction. TCRC, one of the few revenue neutral municipal rec centres was followed by the Meadows Rec Centre, the Clareview Rec Centre and the Commonwealth Stadium Field House and Rec centre. The 2015-2018 budget approved design, funding for the Coronation Velodrome, the Lewis Farms Rec Centre, and turf fields at Leger and Londonderry.
  • I was a part of creating the “Leisure Access Program” which allows eligible low-income Edmontonians access to participating City of Edmonton recreation facilities.

-With the low income transit program expected to start in the fall of 2017 qualifying individuals and families will be able to access and get to City rec facilities and programs.

  • I believe it was extremely important to develop a strong working relationship with all potential community partners. Of note are the following;

-The GO Community Centre is a unique partnership between Edmonton Grads Basketball, Ortona Gymnastics, the Edmonton Volleyball Centre Society, and the U of A who collectively provide accessible programming for Edmonton and the Capital region.

-The Argyll Velodrome Association and the Edmonton Triathlon Academy who have worked tirelessly to bring the Coronation Velodrome and Rec Centre close enough to see and touch.  Funding for the project will be completed in the 2019-2022 budget.

- The Terwillegar Riverbend Advisory Council (TRAC), a society under the direction of the Riverbend, Brookview, and The Ridge Community Leagues with representation from 18 neighbourhoods and 5 additional community leagues.  TRAC is the driving force behind a variety of beneficial events, activities, and organizations.

            -TRAC Community Run
            - SW Farmers market
            -SW Edmonton Seniors Association
            - Brander Gardens Rocks
            - TRAC Wine Project
            -Edmonton Youth Talent Show
            -The TRAC office at TCRC
            -Art in the Park
            -The Ridge New Years Event
            -Planning for the TCRC
            -Funding the Community Theater at Lillian Osborne High School
            -Maintaining ongoing discussions with City Administration over Ward 9 traffic issues i.e. Terwillegar Drive

  • I strongly believe that closure of the City Centre Airport (CCA) was the right thing to do.  The COE was the owner of 100’s of acres of inner city land that was producing minimal social and financial benefits.  As the future home of 35,000 Edmontonians, Blatchford will now contribute to the environmental and sustainable goals of The City of Edmonton.
  • It was time to re-evaluate the role of Northlands and Rexall Place.  It was also time to seriously invest in a downtown that had been languishing for decades.  The difficult process that resulted in Councils approval of the downtown arena (Roger’s Place) has certainly produced the long term investment that was envisioned.
  • I would also like to acknowledge the significant contribution of Erin Poulsen and Andrea Machnee, who have made my office run as successfully as it has over the past 19 years.  They have embraced my 48 hour response time and provided citizens with excellent information, answers and solutions to the 10’s of 1000’s of emails, letters, and phone calls we have received over that time. 


  • Existing City of Edmonton Artificial Turf Sports Fields

-Clarke Stadium (11000 Stadium Road NW)
-Clareview District Park (3804 - 139 Avenue)
-Jasper Place/Johnny Bright Sports Park (90 Avenue & 163 Street)
-Mill Woods Park (69 Street – 23 Avenue)
-Commonwealth Fieldhouse (11000 Stadium Road NW)
-Commonwealth Stadium (1100 Stadium Road NW)           
-Henry Singer Park (14940 – 142 street NW)           
-Foote Field (11601 – 68 Avenue)

 Once the Clarke Park artificial field was in place and its value was proven, regional interest was piqued. 

  • Capital Regional Artificial Turf Fields

-St. Albert – 1 Field
-Spruce Grove – 2 Fields
-Sherwood Park (Strathcona County) – 1 Field

EPL Library Project History

                                                         Budget Cycle              Amount
Major Library Projects:                                                                     ($000's)
Woodcroft                                                  1998                    2,166
Riverbend Library                                      2000                   1,800
Stanley A Milner Library Addition             2000                   1,885
Sprucewood Library                                  2004                   490
Lois Hole Branch                                        2005                   10,787
Idylwylde Branch Renovations                  2005                   2,595
Mill Woods Branch Reloc&Expan              2008                   21,281
Jasper Place Branch Renew & Expan        2008                   13,986
Highlands Branch Renewal                        2008                   9,528
Calder Branch Relocation Design / Land2008                   11,160
Clareview Branch Library                           2009-12              14,494
Capilano Branch Reloc & Expan                2009-12              11,807
Milner Library Renewal & Upgrades          2015-18               69,000

                                       $    170,979