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Many citizens have concerns and questions about infill in their neighbourhood. Infill isn’t new to Edmonton, but it’s something we’re seeing more of as our city grows. Taking this into account, City administration is working with community leagues, citizens, architects and developers to plan well-designed infill that integrates into our city’s mature communities.

Edmonton is a growing city. The most recent census results show that our city’s population grew by more than 21,000 in the last two years, making us home to nearly 900,000 people. However, the majority of this growth is in developing neighbourhoods in our city’s outer edges. In contrast, Edmonton’s mature neighbourhoods have declined by more than 73,000 residents in the last four decades.

Although Ward 9 has many new and developing communities, it’s also home to some established neighbourhoods.  As these neighbourhoods mature, children leave home. In the meantime, amenities such as schools, small businesses, community halls and recreation centres struggle to survive as the population shrinks.  This is where infill comes in, helping renew older neighbourhoods by making it possible for more families to move in.

There are challenges that come with designing new homes in mature neighbourhoods. For infill to be successful, it needs to maintain the character of the established neighbourhood. The City has guidelines to ensure infill development is consistent with the existing neighbourhood. For example, the City recently introduced a program that provides incentives to maintain mature trees during infill development.