Bus Shelters are going solar......


"The new bus shelter panels include high efficiency LED bulbs that turn on at night when natural light levels drop. A charge controller is used to maintain a minimum voltage level in the batteries to avoid freezing in cold weather and disruption during cloudy periods.

ETS installed the first solar-powered bus shelter in June and plans to install a total of 40 this year. Clear Channel Advertising from Daytech Manufacturing purchased both traditional and solar-powered bus shelters as part of the bus shelter advertising contract, while installation is completed by ETS.

ETS began exploring and testing solar technology as an alternative power source six years ago, but Edmonton’s northern climate challenged the sustainability of solar batteries. Since then, solar technology has significantly improved and is now effective in cold weather.

This project demonstrates the City of Edmonton’s commitment to fostering innovation in Edmonton’s public transportation system. "

Media contact:
Jennifer Laraway
Communications Advisor, Edmonton Transit System
Office: 780-496-5751