City steps up turf maintenance to manage weeds

May 16, 2016 

For some, weeds are but an unloved flower. For others, it’s a plant growing in the wrong place. Regardless of where you stand, the City of Edmonton is taking a balanced approach by embarking on an increased turf maintenance program to help better manage nuisance weeds, such as dandelions on parkland.

The early spring, mixed with warm, dry weather has created ideal conditions for increased dandelion growth. Dandelions are a part of Edmonton's natural landscape and their presence typically peaks through May and June. In response to public concerns about herbicide use and their desire for dandelion control during the peak growing season, the City will now mow targeted areas more often to keep dandelions and other weeds at bay.

As well, the City will enhance turf and shrub bed care in select locations to continually improve the health of public green space and to better control dandelions. In October, these sites will be evaluated for overall improvement to vegetation health.

Dandelions are not a noxious weed. Their removal or control with herbicide is not legislated by the province or the city.