A Follow up to the Terwillegar Park ongoing activities;

Current changes and construction in the park

The only changes in the park that the City is currently working on include an expansion of the parking lot, new trail connections to the new footbridge, and the upgrading of an existing dirt/single-track trail to a gravel trail from the park south towards the Henday.  

 % of on and off leash area

Should the Terwillegar Master Plan be fully implemented, 84% of the total park area would remain as off-leash use. 16% would be designated on-leash to support a range of park activities and uses, minimize user conflicts and support habitat protection or restoration measures.  (The park area is 430 acres. This means that following full implementation of the master plan, 361.2 acres would remain available for off-leash use and 68.8 acres would be designated on-leash).

Funding to implement the Master Plan

Implementation of the Terwillegar Park Master Plan is not funded through the current budget cycle; therefore no changes to the boundaries or extent of off-leash areas are planned over the next three years.  Funding the implementation of the master plan may be considered as part of the 2019-2022 Capital Budget cycle.

New off-leash area signage

New signs have recently been put up in the park to better communicate and reinforce existing off-leash area boundaries.  No changes to the boundaries themselves have been made.