Twin Brooks Open House for First Place Townhomes this SATURDAY.

Open House Details:

We’re looking for six to eight residents to help us design new townhomes in Twin Brooks. Please consider dropping by our open house to learn more about this Council­ approved development.

What to Expect
City staff will be on hand to provide information about the new homes, answer questions, and recruit six to eight Twin Brooks residents for the design engagement committee. The design engagement process will provide an opportunity for participants selected to meet with the builder and discuss elements to help ensure the townhomes are a good “fit” within the existing community.
About First Place
Edmonton is a growing city, with 15­20,000 new residents moving here each year. This population growth puts pressure on the housing market, lowering vacancy rates and making home ownership unattainable for many young professional people and families. The City is responding to these changes by providing more housing choice through the First Place Program. The First Place program collaborates with banks and builders to develop attractive townhouses on vacant land declared surplus by school boards. The townhomes are market priced, with a five ­year deferral on the land portion of the mortgage, making them more accessible to first time home buyers. 

For More Information Learn more about the Twin Brooks First Place program and how to apply to be considered for the design engagement committee. Website: Email: Phone: 780 442 3794