Annexation Committee reaches an agreement.

Several years after negotiations began the City of Edmonton and Leduc County have agreed on its future growth. 

As part of the new Framework for Agreement, the City of Edmonton and Leduc County have agreed to the following:

  • The City of Edmonton amend its west annexation notice by withdrawing the lands west of the Edmonton International Airport (EIA) and south of Highway 19, reducing the proposed west annexation area by 2,584 hectares (6,379 acres) to approximately 9,469 hectares (23,398 acres).
  • Leduc County will retain the north Nisku industrial area and the reservoir (previously part of the east annexation notice), reducing the east annexation area from 3,945 hectares (9,748 acres) to approximately 2,632 hectares (6,504 acres).
  • Unless mutually agreed, the City of Edmonton’s boundary will not shift again into Leduc County until joint planning for that area has been completed.
  • The inclusion of EIA lands in the annexation will be determined over the next several months through a collaborative exercise between Leduc County, the City of Edmonton and the EIA.
  • The City of Edmonton will amend its proposed annexation notices and both the City and Leduc County will continue negotiations with the aim of presenting an uncontested annexation to the Municipal Government Board. The City of Edmonton will notify affected landowners about changes to its applications, and public engagement in the annexation area is expected to occur in 2017.