53 Avenue Bridge Work is Complete

Bridge girders, the bridge deck and walkways were replaced as part of the project. An early spring and a collaborative approach to delivery of the project with the contractor, Alberco Construction, helped push the project ahead of schedule. Landscaping for the project will take place in 2017.

“We are very pleased with how this project turned out. This is exactly the kind of open, cooperative relationship the City wanted to create with our consulting and contractor partners when we designed the Integrated Infrastructure Services department.” said Adam Laughlin, Deputy City Manager. “The 53 Avenue Bridge project shows how valuable these partnerships can be. When appropriate, we plan to bring contractors into the design phase of projects much earlier so we can benefit from their knowledge and experience.”

Building on this success, the City is doing a pilot project with a contractor on the 170 Street Southbound Bridge over Canadian National Railway just north of Yellowhead Trail, planned for construction in 2017. In this pilot, a contractor has been chosen to provide input on the design of the project, bringing the contractor into the process much earlier than usual to inform the approach.

Proposed changes to the capital budgeting process will help to ensure future budget decisions, and associated project schedules, are supported by a greater level of detail in design and will be discussed at the November 22, 2016, Executive Committee meeting.