"New parking rules mean more choice for Edmontonians"

"The City of Edmonton is reducing the parking requirements for low density housing from two parking spaces per dwelling to one. The change applies to all single detached homes, duplexes, row houses and secondary suites.

Currently in Edmonton regulations require two parking stalls for all low density homes. The new regulations will bring minimum parking standards in line with other Canadian cities that only require one stall for low-density zones.

The change is good news for those just entering the housing market as parking spaces add to the cost of housing. The change is also good news for people who’d prefer to have a larger garden or patio in their yard, rather than two car parking spaces. Homeowners who still want two or more parking stalls can do so.

“These new regulations mean more choice for everyone - seniors, students, single parents, families and individuals,” said Senior Planner Anne Stevenson. “Now homeowners can decide the appropriate amount of parking to meet their needs and how they want to put their property to its best use.”

Council directed City Administration to prepare changes to residential parking requirements in Edmonton’s Zoning Bylaw. City Administration will present the proposed changes to City Council in 2017 for their consideration. The changes must be approved by City Council before the new parking rules go into effect.

This change complements the City’s growth strategy that focuses on a compact and attractive city and encourages the use of public transit and other modes of transportation. It also addresses a more diverse population with very different housing needs."