New home buyers: know before you nest

You would never build a home without a plan, so why buy one without knowing the neighbourhood plan? The City of Edmonton has launched Our Developing Communities, a web page for new home buyers looking to easily search for the city’s neighbourhood plans in developing areas.

“We encourage new home buyers to use this tool and do their own research when considering buying homes in developing areas.” said Kim Petrin, senior planner at the City of Edmonton. “This way, you can check if that green space behind the property you’re interested in will stay that way or be developed. “

The new hub shows Edmontonians how to look up what will be built beside, behind, in front and beyond their home. Using the Our Developing Communities online tools will help Edmontonians understand plans and land-use categories. By understanding these plans, users can know what to expect for growth and development in their neighbourhood.

The land use maps indicate where residential, commercial, institutional and recreational development will be located in these new areas.