Go Bagless: Good for you. Good for your lawn.

The City of Edmonton launched its Go Bagless campaign last week to encourage residents to leave their clippings on the lawn.

“In the summer close to half of residential waste collected is grass clippings,” said Mayor Don Iveson. “Reducing the amount of grass clippings we set out for collection has many environmental benefits.”

Once residents adopt the new routine they can go to the city’s website to order their ‘We Go Bagless’ lawn sign and enter to win a mulching mower. The site is full of tips on Going Bagless to get a lush, green lawn.

“I leave the clippings on my lawn at home because in addition to the environmental benefits, it’s easier and it’s good for my lawn,” added Mayor Iveson.

An average household that bags their clippings sets out 40 to 50 bags each year. About 40,000 tonnes of grass are collected annually in Edmonton. This is equivalent to the weight of 3,077 City buses.

Going bagless also helps collectors. Each day, a collector lifts 16,000 to 22,000 kilograms. Full bags of grass are among the heaviest and most awkward waste for collectors to handle.

Edmonton has a goal of keeping 90 per cent of household waste out of landfills. Residents’ participation in waste reduction is an important step to achieving this goal.