Troubles with Crows, Magpies, and other birds???

Citizens often have concerns about crows, magpies, and pigeons.  This subject has been brought up many times over the past number of years for magpies and pigeons in particular. The City has reviewed past practice when it came to culling magpies and other pests, however City administration did not feel confident that an effective job was being done with the resources allocated.  

For the last two years the administration has been reviewing other possible solutions and ones that do not have someone walking around shooting wildlife.  I can tell you that the administration will be talking with all municipalities around Canada and the world in hopes they can find a solution that will not affect the natural wildlife cycle.  

In the meantime if you have crows or pigeons on your property they are allowed to be trapped.  You are also allowed to hire a pest control company that will provide that service to you.  For crows on public property then permission from Alberta Fish & Wildlife is needed since citizens can not deal with those types of animals on public property.

 Please read more about Wildlife Pests on the City of Edmonton website.