Update on the Parking situation at the Terwillegar Off-leash park.

After reviewing the issue with administration, I have gathered the following information to help address the parking concerns in Terwillegar Park. City administration has indicated agreement with the need and noted that funding requests for parking lot expansions were previously rejected (in 2012 and 2014). 

A temporary solution for the winter of 2015-2016 will be developed to take advantage of an equipment storage area that was used by the trail construction contractors. It will be located west of the existing parking lot and aligned with the overflow parking shown in the park master plan. The temporary lot should be able to accommodate up to 150 parking spaces and will be built once environmental reviews are complete.

Over the winter we will begin work designing a longer-term gravel parking lot in this same location (following all required approval processes). Funding for the temporary solution and long-term solution will come from the River Valley Trail and Park Renewal Program.

In the meantime, Peace Officers and Park Rangers will focus on only dealing with parking issues related to safety, emergency or disabled parking infractions.