Working Together in our Community


As a supporter of the program, I was pleased to hear of the program’s success which has resulted in the hiring of 25 individuals and recent approval to expand the number of eligible positions.

The Human Resource Branch worked with the six external partner organizations as well as civic unions to explore options to expand the program. This required Human Resources to negotiate a revised Letter of Understanding with Civic Unions to increase the number of eligible positions.

I’m proud to share with you that we have reached an agreement with CSU 52 and an understanding with other Civic Unions to increase the maximum number of positions from 25 to 65. In addition, the CSU 52 agreement provides the opportunity to increase the maximum hours of work beyond 16 hours.

The agreement to expand the program ensures the City of Edmonton continues to be a

leader and role model for what is possible when community partners and civic unions work together to create much needed opportunities for individuals with intellectual disabilities.

In addition, the Administration will continue to work with partner organizations to promote the program externally.

If you would like further information on the Abilities@Work program, please contact Jeff MacPherson, Branch Manager Human Resources at or 780-496-7800.