Help the City balance its budget

How would you prioritize spending for a city of 870,000 residents? The City of Edmonton is offering Edmontonians an opportunity to answer that question via an online tool. Citizens can review a breakdown of all the services funded by their taxes and recommend what programs should receive more funding and which areas should be less of a priority. 

“Budgets reflect how Edmontonians want their City to spend on the programs and services they rely on each and every day,” says Todd Burge, Chief Financial Officer at the City of Edmonton. “We want citizens to be involved in shaping our City’s future. This tool offers a great opportunity for Edmontonians to both learn about their city at work, as well as provide input to City Council about their priorities.”

With the online tool, Edmontonians can:

  • learn about the main services and programs that the City of Edmonton provides,
  • see how much property taxes or fees go to each service area each month and
  • indicate what priorities City Council should focus on for the coming year.

Administration is developing the 2016-2018 Proposed Operating and Utilities Budgets based on comprehensive business plans that reflect our growing community’s expectations and needs. The proposed budgets will be published in late October and debated by City Council following a November 23 non-statutory public hearing on the budgets. The schedule is

The engagement tool will stay open until November 14, 2015. The City will compile feedback, share it with City Council, and publish the citizen feedback during budget discussions.

Other ways to participate include contacting your City Councillor, calling 311 and attending the non-statutory public hearing on November 23, 2015.