Southwest EPS Division launches new traffic positions.....

“Southwest Edmonton continues to expand, and with that expansion, comes more motorists and more traffic headaches,” said Const. Andre Paul, who will fill one of the three full-time positions. “Without a doubt, citizens continue to tell police their number-one concern is traffic-related issues.

“We’re hopeful these new positions will help to increase safety and awareness on roadways throughout this section of the city,” said Const. Paul, also noting that two of the city’s three freeways cut through Southwest Division (Anthony Henday and the Whitemud).

Last year, Southwest Division received 744 traffic complaints – the most traffic calls responded to in the city - representing 26 per cent of all traffic calls to EPS. In 2015 (to date), Southwest Division has received close to 500 traffic complaint calls, which represents the highest number of traffic calls responded to (by division) across the city. Southeast Division has received the second highest amount of traffic complaints thus far in 2015 at 430.

Southwest Division also boasts the highest concentration of schools in the city (67 in 2014), which combined with increased traffic volumes, places children at risk, explained Const. Paul.

“As any parent can attest, the roadways around schools are becoming increasingly difficult to navigate due to the volume of traffic flow through these areas,” said Const. Paul. “That, combined with the fact Southwest Edmonton is also traversed by two of the city’s major freeways with the Anthony Henday and Whitemud, and you have a potential recipe for plenty of trouble.”