Sue Trigg Protocol Item at City Council August 27, 2014

A protocol item at City Council on August 27th was held to acknowledge the naming of the natural park named in Sue Trigg's honour. 

"This morning I want to take time to recognize a very special person, Sue Trigg.  Sue has been a community builder without peer for decades in the Riverbend Terwillegar communities.

Dave Rumbold and the board of the RBCL wanted to find a way to recognize the significant positive impact Sue Trigg has had on the quality of life in SW Edmonton communities.  They settled on naming a natural area in the heart of Riverbend in her honour.  They collected a large number of very positive letters of support that resulted in a City decision to allow the naming to occur.

I want to say a few words about Sue on behalf of Riverbend Community League and the residents of this community.  Sue has done more than anyone else to build the infrastructure, programs and special events that we share and participate in today.  Sue has been volunteering in Edmonton since 1970, working in schools, sports leagues, professional organizations, supporting causes, and participating in and leading different community groups.  

Sue has served on the Riverbend Community League Board for 29 years, and she has filled every role that exists there.  One of the Community League board members said “I find that we are like the Oiler’s in the 1980’s – we, on the Board. all elevate our game when we are in the presence of the ‘great one’”.  When you drive to this site you will pass schools, parks and facilities that Sue advocated and fundraised for.  Leaders don’t always have titles or high profiles. Sometimes they are people like Sue, who quietly make a difference in communities for decades, working behind the scenes.  It is due to Sue’s efforts that Riverbend Community League has so many special events and is such a strong organization.

She is the founder and organizer of popular community events like the Riverbend Plant Sale, Taste of Riverbend, Art in Our Park and the Riverbend Winter Festival.

Sue is also a founding member of the Terwillegar Riverbend Advisory Council, and she has held board positions on various recreational and sports committees. In addition to all her other year-round pursuits, Sue coordinates donations of Christmas trees, hampers and gifts for local families in need. I could speak for a very long time about the specific things that Sue has done and the recognition's she has received over the years, but I want to finish by mentioning what I believe to be Sue’s greatest accomplishment in this community – she has mentored and nurtured generations of community contributors and leaders who will carry the torch in the future and continue to enhance the quality of life in our shared community, as she has.

We are thrilled to be able to have this location named in honour of Sue Trigg and we accomplished two things:  the first being an appropriate permanent recognition of Sue’s years of dedication to the betterment of this community, and the second is something which is captured perfectly in one of the 19 amazing letters of support we received for this initiative:  One of our citizens said “I want to be able to take the kids to the landmark named after Sue Trig and tell them of her contributions, of what is means to be part of a community, and to have them be inspired to see what they can do to make their community a better place.”

The natural area will also have two commemorative benches installed.  One provided by the Riverbend Community League and the other from the Ward 9 allotment of the City Council Park Amenity Program.  "


Bryan Anderson 
Ward 9 Councillor 
City of Edmonton