Coyote sightings on the rise this time of year

Edmontonians may be witnessing more coyote activity this time of year as coyote pups begin separating from their packs and venturing out on their own.

“Around this time of year, we get a lot of people reporting an increase in coyote activity,” said Ramsey Cox, Park Ranger for the City of Edmonton. “What residents may be witnessing are pups venturing out on their own from their family group. Sometimes this means they get into mischief as they learn to live on their own and establish territory. Although this doesn’t usually pose a threat to people, we still advise that Edmontonians use the same caution around coyotes as they normally would.”

Coyotes usually avoid humans unless they become accustomed to being fed by people or they are protecting their food or den.

To help prevent conflicts with coyotes:

do not feed coyotes
do not leave garbage out (take it out only on the morning of collection)
do not leave fallen fruit from trees or bird seed spilled from feeders on the ground
do not leave pet food outside
do not walk your dog off leash in areas frequented by coyotes
do not leave a small dog out in the yard unattended for long periods of time
do not leave cats out roaming
Coyotes play an important role in maintaining healthy urban ecosystems. The City of Edmonton focuses on balancing citizen safety with a compassionate perspective of wildlife in urban areas. 

As the City grows and expands into coyote habitat, more coyotes are adapting to food sources in residential areas, eating readily available food such as garbage, fruit and accessible pet food. The City works with Alberta Fish and Wildlife to strategize how to co-exist with coyotes.

For more information on coyotes and tips to follow when you encounter a coyote, call the Edmonton Coyote Information Hotline at 780-644-5744 or visit:
To report a problem coyote(s), call:

City of Edmonton Park Rangers at 780-496-2950, or
Alberta Fish and Wildlife at 780-427-3574.