City launches the "Clean it up. Fix it up." program.....

The City of Edmonton has launched Clean It Up. Fix It Up, a new campaign to remind citizens about the importance of keeping their properties clean and tidy, whether they rent or own.

As part of the Clean It Up. Fix It Up campaign, Municipal Enforcement Officers will help promote clean, attractive and safe communities this summer by patrolling neighbourhoods and encouraging residents to comply with the bylaw. If nuisance conditions are found on a resident’s property, an officer will issue a warning notice with directions on how to remedy the problem.

If the problem isn’t addressed within the specified time frame, the property owner may be issued a $250 bylaw ticket. In extreme cases of non-compliance the City may obtain an order to enter the property to fix the problem with the cleanup costs added to the property owner’s tax bill.

Residents are encouraged to call 311 to report a nuisance property. For more information on how to identify and remedy nuisance property conditions, residents can visit