GREEN SHACK PROGRAM in our communities

Community based recreation opportunities available to Edmontonians have changed substantially in recent years and this prompted a review of how the City approaches community based recreation including the Green Shack program.

The review seeks to ensure that it's community recreation program model aligns with the City's vision of a livable city and to ensure a sustainable approach that supports all providers of community based recreation opportunities.

With regard to the Green Shack program, the City often in partnership with community groups has relied heavily on employment grants from the provincial and federal levels of government. The purpose of the provincial STEP grant and the federal CSJ grant is youth employment, not community recreation.   In 2013, reliance on this source of funds left the Green Shack program underfunded when the provincial government made the decision to suspend the STEP grant program.

Even prior to the provincial announcement of the suspension of STEP, knowing how neighbourhoods, citizens and community groups value the Green Shack program, the City had determined that a more sustainable approach to funding the Green Shackprogram was required.