2014 Noxious Weeds campaign Kicks off

This year, we will be doing more to prevent the spread of some of our worst offenders on public and private property – noxious weeds. Noxious weeds are highly dangerous because they can spread quickly, invading crops, public spaces and entire ecosystems. They cause a significant amount of damage to parks and green space in and around our city each year and also make properties unsightly, overgrown and infested.

"We currently have 29 species of noxious weeds growing in Edmonton. We will be using radio, print and online advertisements, as well as media and social media channels throughout the season to inform residents about the most troublesome of these weeds, including Canada Thistle, Creeping Bellflower, Scentless Chamomile, Himalayan Balsam and Yellow Toadflax.

Noxious weeds are regulated under the Alberta Weed Control Act and landowners are required to control them on their property. All Municipal Enforcement Officers are currently undergoing noxious weeds identification training and will soon be out patrolling the city to help raise awareness among residents about the impacts these plants have in Edmonton.

If Enforcement Officers find regulated weeds on a resident’s property, they’ll be issued a local authority notice to remove or control the weed. If they do not comply, the City has the authority under the Act to enter the property and initiate remedial weed control measures. Weed control costs vary depending on the level of infestation and area to be cleared. All costs will be added to the resident’s property tax bill.

In 2013, the Community Standards Branch addressed close to 4000 noxious weeds complaints, resulting in just under 11,000 investigations. We hope to address these dangerous weeds even more quickly and easily this season using this new streamlined approach.

Residents are encouraged to call 311 to report noxious weeds found on public or private property. For more information on identifying, controlling and preventing the establishment of noxious weeds on private property, residents can visit edmonton.ca/weeds."