Property Assessment Complaints drop 5th year in a row

“The number of property assessment complaints the ARB receives has been decreasing steadily over the last several years,” says Sheila McDonald, the City’s Director of Tribunals. “This year’s number represents a nearly 76 per cent decrease when compared to the number of property assessment complaints filed in 2009.”

Property Assessment Complaints by Taxation Year

2009    2010      2011      2012    2013    2014
7,309    2,637    2,834    2,384    1,977    1,775

The City of Edmonton calculated values for 352,891 properties and mailed assessment notices in January 2014. On average, single-family home values in Edmonton increased by just over 2.5 per cent between July 2012 and July 2013. 

Property owners who disagreed with the assessed value of their properties had the option of calling 311 to speak to a city assessor prior to deciding if they wanted to file a formal complaint with the ARB. As a result of these calls, assessors were able to make changes to 824 accounts.

The ARB is a quasi-judicial tribunal that hears all complaints relating to property assessments. Its mission is to provide an impartial process for the adjudication of assessment disputes between the City of Edmonton and its assessed persons or taxpayers that yields fairness and equity in accordance with the Municipal Government Act.