Donate A Ride distributes tickets......

This year 60 Edmonton local charities are receiving 85,060 ETS tickets worth $198,396 for their clients thanks to the latest DONATE A RIDE campaign.

In addition to distributing tickets collected through this year’s campaign, Councillor Dave Loken and Gold Sponsors celebrated the accomplishments of former Chair Kim Krushell.

“During her years as the Chair, DONATE A RIDE made great strides to increase both the number of Gold Sponsors and the value of donations coming in to the program,” said Councillor Dave Loken.  “Kim Krushell’s commitment and energy have had a significant impact on the profile of the program in our city.”

Now in its 18th year, the DONATE A RIDE program has generated a total of 1,103,142 tickets valued at $2,093,410. The tickets go to community agencies which distribute them to low-income Edmonton families.

“We’re very pleased that the DONATE A RIDE program is able to provide transportation support to the many social service agencies in Edmonton that are committed to improving lives in our community,” added Councillor Loken.