Evolving Infill (a project update)

Evolving Infill is a project being done by the City, in collaboration with citizens and stakeholders, to advance residential infill. It is both a conversation and project designed to embrace and harness change.  

What's happening now?
In Step 2 of Evolving Infill, a group of Edmontonians with diverse backgrounds and experiences will form the Infill Action Collaborative.

As a team they will identify and prioritize recommendations the City may consider to better support infill development, building on what we heard and learnt in Step 1 of the Evolving Infill project.

The Collaborative was built using a formal application process. Members will come together for five workshops between February and April 2014.

Regular updates on the Collaborative's progress will be shared on the Evolving Infill website, and there will be a public event late in the spring share the Collaborative's work to date.

To read more about this project see the City of Edmonton website here