Neighbourhood Blading continued over December 6 & 7

Winter Roads and Neighbourhood Blading Update

The City’s first neighbourhood blading cycle of the season will continue over the weekend—December 6 and 7—as crews finish partially completed neighbourhoods. The large volume of snow, significant on-street parking in many areas, and issues in cul-de-sacs prevented crews from completing residential blading as scheduled.

“Neighbourhood blading is about 90% complete,” said Bob Dunford, Director of Roadway Maintenance. “Crews will be in the partially completed neighbourhoods this weekend finishing the work. We ask that residents of these neighbourhoods park off the street to allow us to blade from curb to curb.”

Although there is no parking ban in place for residential blading, the City asks residents to move their vehicles or park off street wherever possible so that trucks can blade from curb to curb. Please remember that while windrows are kept to a maximum 30 cm height in front of driveways, curbside windrows are not removed.

Blading is a 24-hour, around the clock operation; crews can be in neighbourhoods at any time of day from midnight to midnight.

Overall, City roads are in good winter driving condition. Crews continue sanding on arterial and collector roads where ice has built up due to higher temperatures and the resulting freeze/thaw cycle. Windrow removal is also ongoing along major roadways and will continue into next week.