My formal announcement that I will not be running again in the upcoming Municipal Election.

After 34 years teaching and coaching in the Edmonton Public School system I decided to seek a seat on Edmonton’s City Council. At the time there were six wards with two Councillors elected in each ward. I was successful and represented Ward 5 with Larry Langley 1998-2004, Mike Nickel 2004-2007, and Don Iveson 2007-2010. In the 2010 election Edmonton moved from six wards to twelve wards represented by one Councillor and I have represented the new Ward 9 from 2010-2017.

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News Release from the COE "Low-snow winter helps Edmonton’s finances"

"The City of Edmonton spent about $64 million less on operations than budgeted in 2016, with 40 per cent of that number due to a warmer winter and less expensive snow and ice control on the roads.

The remaining balance of the savings, $38.3 million, represents 1.5 per cent of the overall 2016 operational budget - right in line with previous year’s results.

“Mother Nature clearly gave us a helping hand this past year,” says Todd Burge, Deputy City Manager and Chief Financial Officer. “However, the results overall show that we continue to manage our finances on residents’ behalf for long-term sustainability, flexibility and responsiveness to emerging needs.”

A report to Council provides the full preliminary (unaudited) year-end results. Highlights include $8.3 million less than budgeted due to personnel factors such as unfilled vacancies, $5.9 million less for consulting costs due to rescheduled projects, and $4.3 million less for contractors due to less demand and more work being done in-house.

The $64 million will be allocated to the Financial Stabilization Reserve. Funds may then be directed by Council to several possible areas, such as:

  • Expenditures committed but not utilized in 2016 ($13.6 million).

  • Fleet Services Vehicle Replacement Reserve ($2.9 million).

  • Cornerstones II program for 2017 ($3.5 million)."

For more information:

City Council agenda and reports.