Blatchford Neighbourhood

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UPDATE December 11, 2015 Blatchford site clean-up under budget

"The cost of environmental clean-up at the Blatchford site is far less than expected. The cost to remove the contaminated soil in the second phase of remediation was $1.3 million, well under the $2.5 million budgeted. To date, the City of Edmonton has spent less than half the allocated budget for environmental remediation work at the site.

Crews removed approximately 21,000 tonnes of soil from around five former buildings' sites during this phase of the clean-up.

Significant testing on the site shows that all locations with potential contamination are located on the site’s perimeter and are related to historic building use. The soil removed contains petrochemical hydrocarbons (e.g. fuel, oil, grease, solvents), and is being transported to a facility certified to manage contaminants."



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