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Bryan's Byline

On April 24, 2014, shrub and tree clearing begins in Terwillegar Park and on the River Valley Oleskiw lands in preparation for construction of the Terwillegar Park Footbridge.

The clearing for the bridge abutments will take place within the time limits of the City noise bylaw and take two to three days. During this time, trail closures may be required to ensure public safety. Notices in the park areas will inform of exact clearing dates and related trail closures.

The area will be re-landscaped with equivalent value of plantings according to the City’s Corporate Tree Management policy. 

The Terwillegar Park Footbridge will add another connection across the North Saskatchewan River that will link to Edmonton’s main spine trail in and around Terwillegar Park in south Edmonton and the River Valley Oleskiw lands in the City’s west end. The goal is to increase access to and connectivity within the river valley. 

The Footbridge is one of five main River Valley Connections initiatives funded in partnership by the Government of Canada, Government of Alberta, River Valley Alliance and City of Edmonton. It is another important step towards the creation of a continuous park system through the river valley, ultimately linking over 88 kilometres, connecting Devon to Fort Saskatchewan.

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