2015 Edmonton City Budget

The City of Edmonton 2015 City Budget has been released. To learn more about the budget, please visit this website which breaks everything down into easy-to-understand graphs.

2014 Edmonton Census

Population growth is happening across the city, but the majority is in the south—Edmonton's 2014 Census puts 3 out of the top 10 fastest growing neighbourhoods in Ward 9.

Learn more about the background of the census, census results comparisons, a summary of all questions, or a news release about the census.

2022 Commonwealth Games Bid

Edmonton is competing to be the host city for the 2022 Commonwealth Games, along with Durban, South Africa.  Both cities bids must be in by March of 2015, then Commonwealth Games Federation representatives will visit the candidate cities in the summer.

The announcement as to which of these two cities will host the games won’t be made until some time in September of 2015. Support the bid!


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To read more about Donate A Ride visit the WEBSITE.

For information on the matches in Edmonton, the Team Canada's games, and how to but  tickets please visit FIFA.COM 

The average 5.7% tax increase allows for:

  • 1.5% to continue the Neighbourhood Renewal Program for repair and reconstruction of roads, sidewalks and streetlights in mature neighbourhoods
  • 2.4% related to capital and contributed assets to staff and operate and debt service recently built facilities and infrastructure required for city growth, such as the Metro LRT line, two new Community Recreation Centres, libraries and a fire hall and
  • 0.5% for debt servicing associated with newly approved infrastructure enhancements required for the growing city
  • 0.8% for program enhancements, including enhanced transit services, growth in police positions, support for the ITU series.
  • 0.5% from inflationary impact such as labour, building and road repair materials

The results of Capital City Clean Up’s 2014 Litter Audit show a continued trend toward less litter on Edmonton’s streets. 

Campaign Kick-Off on Dec 15th



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The recent city council terms have been full of forward thinking, resulting in a document called "The Way Ahead" that includes a 10 year plan.

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