2016-2018 Edmonton City Budget

To learn more about the budget, please visit this website which breaks everything down into easy-to-understand graphs. For a direct link to the budget click HERE.

2016 MUNICIPAL Census

Thank you to all those who completed their 2016 Census.   Our City's population has grown 2.5%. From the 2014 census, learn more about the background of the census, census results comparisons, a summary of all questions, or a news release about the census.



Donate A ride Campaign

The campaign kicks off December 19th, 2016, find out how you can help.  DONATE A RIDE has grown tremendously and helps thousands of Edmontonians every year through local social service agencies who provide transit tickets to low-income individuals in need of basic transportation to get to employment, educational and social services, improving their quality of life.  Learn More.


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Bryan's Byline

The City has mailed out its' property assessment notices to all property owners within the City of Edmonton. Please take the time to review your property’s assessed value, obtain more information if you have questions or concerns about the updated market value assessment of your property and plan ahead for your property tax payment.

The Donate A Ride program launches its' 2016 campaign!

From December 19, 2016 to January 31, 2017, transit riders can place donations in ETS fare boxes using DONATE A RIDE envelopes provided by bus operators. Collected donations will be distributed by 74 community agencies that provide services to low-income individuals and families, including seniors and at-risk youth.

Your Ward 9 Councillor

A long-time teacher and athletic coach, and Edmonton city councillor since 1998, Bryan Anderson represents his ward with experience.

Current Issues

Find out about important issues affecting both the City of Edmonton as well as Ward 9. Get informed and get involved.

The Way Ahead

The recent city council terms have been full of forward thinking, resulting in a document called "The Way Ahead" that includes a 10 year plan.

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