Edmonton 2026 Commonwealth Games

The City of Edmonton and Commonwealth Games Canada announced on February 10, 2015 that they will not submit its official candidature for the 2022 Commonwealth Games, citing Alberta’s fiscal environment, due to falling oil prices, as the reason for the shift to 2026. READ MORE HERE


2015 Edmonton City Budget

The City of Edmonton 2015 City Budget has been released. To learn more about the budget, please visit this website which breaks everything down into easy-to-understand graphs.

2014 Edmonton Census

Population growth is happening across the city, but the majority is in the south—Edmonton's 2014 Census puts 3 out of the top 10 fastest growing neighbourhoods in Ward 9.

Learn more about the background of the census, census results comparisons, a summary of all questions, or a news release about the census.

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Bryan's Byline

Read about Rosetta GRAYDON and the Graydon Hill neighbourhood HERE.  You will also find history about where the name came from for the neighbourhoods of  Desrochers (2015), Bulyea Heights, Chappelle, Hays Ridge, Keswick, and Windermere(2014).  

All road project locations are available at edmonton.ca/constructiononyourstreets. A map of current construction-related traffic disruptions can be found online at edmonton.ca/traffic disruptions.

The City of Edmonton’s Office of Emergency Management organizes Get Ready in the Park every year during Emergency Preparedness Week. With more than 40 groups from Edmonton’s emergency response community showcasing their vehicles, equipment and technical capabilities, there is plenty to see, do and learn.

  • Find out how to keep your loved ones and pets safe for at least three days.
  • Watch Environment Canada release a weather balloon.
  • Find out about food safety tips during power outages.
  • Ride CN’s Little Obie scale model locomotive while learning about railroad safety. Little Obie is part of a new interactive Kids’ Zone.
  • Ride in the EPCOR bucket truck.
  • Practice a fire escape plan with your kids.
  • Enter to win emergency-response themed prizes.

Your Ward 9 Councillor

A long-time teacher and athletic coach, and Edmonton city councillor since 1988, Bryan Anderson represents his ward with experience.

Central Points

Find out about important issues affecting both the City of Edmonton as well as Ward 9. Get informed and get involved.

The Way Ahead

The recent city council terms have been full of forward thinking, resulting in a document called "The Way Ahead" that includes a 10 year plan.

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